Founded in 1993, Zahra Ahmad has gained landmark recognition in Pakistan for its unique and graphic styles with eye catching effects together with fabulous designs. Zahra Ahmad denies the universal axiom that beauty is simply a skin deep. It creates beauty up on the skin. Gals, conscious of their identity with suiting, choose to have Zahra Ahmad’s splendid designs as their first preference. In the realm of designing, Zahra Ahmad designed a wide array of dresses from occasional wear and luxury wear. The luxury wear collection has sober styles and somber designs with hues carrying lush of modern world fashion extravaganza. 
Zahra Ahmad Luxury Pret 2015
The luxury collection carries an immense wait as it cover broad range of designs in its orbit. There are frock like suiting with belts around the waist to give a smarty look for its wearer. Then there are heavy embroidered suits which give Zahra Ahmad luxury suiting collection a bridal like look. This suiting collection can be used for matrimonial functions by invited ones. But Zahra does not stop here. Zahra Ahmad luxury collection has remarkable variety of colors and designs which brings a huge scope for their functional use. Color collection—it is hallmark of Zahra Ahmad. Outlook—it is watershed in the cosmos of fashion. Variety—it is feather in its cup to be in the top list of fashion pageant. In short, Zahra Ahmad has captured the heart of fashion savvy of Pakistan.

Zahra Ahmad Occasional Wear Pret
Zahra Ahmad Occasional Wear PretZahra Ahmad Occasional Wear Pret

Zahra Ahmad Luxury Pret 2015Zahra Ahmad Luxury Pret 2015

Zahra Ahmad Occasional Wear Luxury Pret 2015Zahra Ahmad Occasional Wear Luxury Pret 2015

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