Al-Zohaib Textile has set new standards in Pakistani unstitched and ready to wear market. Al-Zohaib’s incredible clothing brands are covering all the dimensions of women clothing fashion and presenting modern fashion and clothing trends in sophisticated manners. So, keeping the history live Al-Zohaib brought another dress collection under the umbrella of Zanisha. Zanisha is specialized clothing brand of Al-Zohaib offering embroidered kurtis of the time. The timeless fashion and trendy patterns of kurtis are the characteristics of Zanisha by Al-Zohaib. This is the volume 2 of embroidered kurti collection 2015 and you are right in the center of rainbow of winter season colors. Have fun with these embroidered kurtis; wear kurtis with printed and embroidered leggings, jeans and skinny tights according to your fashion statement.

Zanaisha Embroidered Kurti Vol-3
Zanaisha Embroidered Kurti Vol-3

Zanisha by Al-Zohaib Zanisha by Al-Zohaib

Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015 Volume 2

Zanisha by Al-Zohaib - Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015Zanisha by Al-Zohaib - Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015

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