Shariq Textiles launched the best of best for summer season 2015 for the feminine of Pakistan. This is chic, stylish and romantic and of course the real formal dresses for girls for summer 2015. This is Feminine by Shariq consists of best formal prints of summer 2015. The designs have been showcased on official Facebook page of Shariq Textile and the prints will be in all leading clothing stores of Pakistan from 27th April, 2015. So, get ready for the real formal prints of the season and be the real feminine with Shariq.
Feminine Formal Summer Collection 2015
Feminine means what? Feminine means beauty and beauty is always about keeping a strong identity; the identity which always attract others. Identity possesses lots of things including attitude, gesture, look and your clothing taste; and girls always attract others if they wear beautiful fashionable dresses. So, this summer 2015 update your clothing taste with Feminine by Shariq. In this Feminine summer dress collection Shariq introduced the real identity of women in modern looks; so enjoy the beauty of the season with feminine classic lawn prints of Shariq which have been nourished in beautiful embroideries. The dresses have been designed in all modern patterns with all trendy embroidered patterns and styles. Shariq introduced Angrakha Style and Open Kurti Style summer lawn prints with other routine summer patterns; and finally the dresses have been beautified in Neckline embroideries and Borderline beauties. For the feminine look Shariq designed Feminine summer prints in all trendy and sophisticated colors of the season. So, all this making this Feminine by Shariq—The Best Formal Prints of Summer 2015, best for formal summer happenings like Evening Parties, Night functions and Family gatherings.

Feminine Summer Prints
Feminine Summer Prints

Feminine Formal Summer Collection 2015Feminine Formal Summer Collection 2015

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