With the varying trends we are also changing. You are young, stylish and energetic, so why not follow the fashion eve. Try the latest Ego fashion wear this Ramzan and on coming Eid. We have brings a fascinating, rigorously stylish and smartly trendy range of Apparel, Handbags, Jewelry and Shoes for young and independent women. This is a complete fashion wear package designed for comfort and wrapped in style; you definitely need this for your formals and on the go.

Apparel , Jewelry, Bags Shoes


You prefer comfortable clothing? You will surely like this outfit. A full length gold printed sleeveless shirt has been stitched in loose/baggy style with round neck. Moreover, the comfort of Rayon fabric will leave you with finest feel of silk. For your classy casual look, Ego used a bold assortment of block and floral prints in golden color.
Price: Rs.3950

Have you ever wear “Polka Dot Top?” No, try this Neon Boats and if yes, then absolutely try this. This multi-color regular fit shirt (Kameez) will keep you cool, stylish and comfortable. Ego certainly got inspiration from “Polka Dot Top” to design this outfit, but perfectly replicate in pure South Asian way.
Price:   2949/-

Embroidered formals are the favorite outfit of Pakistani woman—especially for festivals. De Designer a dashing premium embroidered formal for you. Black round neck formal length shirt has been nourished with white cotton thread embroidery—tiny embroidered flowers tightly woven on border and handcuffs are looking gorgeous.
Price: PKR 4250

This embroembroidery casual shirt would be dreamy outfit for office going girls. An impeccable combination of pink and white thread embroidery on Navy Blue fabric making this full sleeve mid length cotton shirt a pure feminine magnum.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”, but if you don’t have a top quality designer handbag, you would fail. So, try this bold, sexy and sleek  clutch. This is unique and trendy in Pakistan. Its ultra-thin structure and informal luxury look will animate your feminine spark on the go.
Price: 1950

The stylish look, spacious structure and sophisticated luxurious texture of this leather handbag will be your favorite partner at shopping. Carry your all essentials in style and paired this Ego Chevrons with your favorite attires.
Price: 4649

“This is beautiful, I love my neckless”, you might heard that, but after having this spectacular metal necklace you will probably shout that statement. The shrill design and shrewd locket will be your neck’s best friend. Hey, wait a minute; we have Leather Bands for you in complementary.

If you are young, mod and bold, and probably looking an artificial jewelry set for coming Eid, then you’re on right spot. Here Ego has a daring range of bold artificial jewelry including earings, rings and bracelets for you made with pure metal and coated in silver/gold colors. You can have luxury, vintage and 3D designs.

Feet are the important part of women beauty. So, for your perfect, smart and stylish look you have to search for the best, trendy and lovely shoes for you. Leading brands solved your problem for the ongoing summer season. Try this T-Junction formal Chappal—the best companion of your summer clothes. Paired it with casual jeans or embroidered formal dress, the perfect sleek design will lift your feminine look.
Price: 3650/-

Grab the trendy formal chappal in red color for impeccable look and comfort of your feet. This is the specialty of  T-junction Formal Chappal. If you are in cultural outfit on coming Eid, this would be your dream footwear.

Instead of wandering all around in markets consider Branded latest fashion wear collection. We have all for your fashion desires in stores—and more are coming. For stylishly elegant footwear, apparel, handbags and jewelry do visit your nearest Ego retail store or login to Ego official store for happy shopping.

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