Fashion has become the fourth instinct need of human being in this modern age. It links directly with culture, values and norms in its ancient form. Nowadays people have become conscious about their self-respect and status; they want to keep update their clothes, footwear and other fashionable accessories according to latest fashion and lifestyle trends. With the advancement and prestigious success of Indian cinema Indian celebrities are center of focus of every Indian women. They follow celebrity fashion and love to adopt that celebrities are doing. In such circumstances Indian fashion magazines are playing phenomenal role by covering Indian fashion, lifestyle and fashion shows. With the growing middle class India has become the fines place of business especially lifestyle products. 

India's Leading Lifestyle Magazines

There are dozens of Indian and international fashion magazines educating Indians on fashion. So, today we have brought the top Indian fashion and lifestyle magazines. This is the list of best Indian fashion magazines and we will discuss all one by one that what are the core capabilities of each fashion magazine and why that particular Indian fashion magazine is in our list of top 10 best Indian fashion and lifestyle magazines.

List of Best Indian Magazines

List of Best Indian Magazines


Being an international fashion magazine Vogue's presence in India is not surprising, but its popularity among the young Indian girls is really surprising. Vogue has now become the number one Indian fashion magazine. From lifestyle to fashion shows, from international clothing and beauty products brands to Indian emerging clothing brands Vogue is covering everything. Apart from this every sort of fashion shows and most likely every event of Bollywood celebrities; Vogue has an eye on that. It has become the prime source of Indian and international fashion and lifestyle information. 


Indian based fashion magazine is a worthwhile source of trendy information on celebrity fashion, lifestyle and clothing trends. If you are a strong follower of Indian fashion then that would be the mainstream fashion magazine for you.


One of the prime Indian fashion and lifestyle magazines of India covering all aspect of Bollywood and Indian fashion trends is Femina. From beauty tips to healthcare and from clothing to fashion accessories every sort of fashion and lifestyle event has been covered by Femina. 

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is an international fashion magazine now covering fashion horizons of India. Mainly the magazine is focusing on celebrity fashion and fashion shows. Health issues and beauty tips have also been discussed by Marie Claire.


Another Indian leading fashion magazine “Verve” is an emerging fashion and lifestyle magazine have an eye on Indian clothing, celebrity and fashion news. The magazine is in our list of top 10 best Indian fashion and lifestyle magazines due to its fast success and unique ideas on Indian fashion.


French fashion magazine now has become one of the top fashion magazines of India. However, it is being published locally in India and focusing all aspect of Indian cinema, celebrity and fashion brands.

Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is a world’s top class fashion magazine. The magazine is equally famous in India as well due to its wide coverage including fashion shows, beauty tips and clothing. Harper’s Bazaar is now critically focusing and reporting Indian ancient clothing fashion with emerging modern trends. 

New Woman

New Woman is representing new Indian women; modern clothing, healthcare and beauty issues. Along with fashion the magazine is also covering entertainment and fitness. So, New Woman is really making Indian women new, fashionable, stylish and chic.


At bottom but still in the list best Indian fashion magazines. Cosmopolitan is another international lifestyle magazine making India modern and fashionable.

Women's Era

Focusing on women, Women’s Era is covering all aspects of women fashion, clothing, lifestyle and health. Including fitness and beauty tips Women’s Era is also explaining for Indian women. It is in our list of leading Indian fashion magazines.

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