A general notion among women is that they can only be in trend by buying more clothes. Still, even if they have a whole house full of outfits, the thoughts of having nothing to wear will always linger in their minds.

So what is the solution of getting out of this whirlpool dilemma?

Only one solution remains and that is staring right in front of every woman. Their jewelry box full of neglected bracelets and necklaces closet compartments containing bags and scarves are all screaming out loud to get a chance to be worn and flaunted to the world.

Such accessories are your friends indeed who will help you come out of this wrong notion of possessing tons of clothes. Just by adding the right accessories in the fashion equation is the best way to be reasonably fashionable.

Buying new clothes all the time can end up adding too much to the bill but accessorizing our looks can create endless styles using the same clothes. So we can go from passé to “totally trendy” with the same outfit and just a few additions of accessories.

A country like Pakistan, where women clad themselves with different forms of shalwar kameez, there is not much concept of accessorizing.  As they think that colourful floral prints are enough to make a statement, that’s where the problem is. Through accessorizing, women can have the chance to put together some old and new pieces and create something fresh and fabulously in trend!

Who says you have to be rich to have a high street fashion style? With an open mind and some fresh ideas and tips, you can accessorize your everyday outfits as well as fancy wear in no time without spending too much. Keep on reading this article as it will help you be the “IT” girl that you have always wanted!

If you want to invest in your style, then it’s always wise to invest in those accessories which can accentuate your good focal points while minimizing focus on those points with which you are not too fond of. If you think you have a heavier figure, then go for eye up focal points. These include statement earrings or studs, choker necklaces or even sunglasses, which can focus attention to your neck up features. It will give you a taller and slimmer affect.

For our petite shaped ladies, go for belts, long layered necklaces or even arm cuffs on adorable sleeveless tops to accentuate your waistline. At the end all your accessories and outfit should be proportionate to your body frame, facial features and last but not least, your skin tone.
In order to perfect the art of accessorizing, it’s important that you experiment with colours. Fortunately, this summer of 2016 is all about the use of bold colours and shapes when it comes to accessories.  Go for a tangerine orange or a buttercup yellow bag for a lunch date or those eccentric coloured shoulder duster earrings for the dinner night out. Mix and match lighter and darker shades to get the perfect balance.

The darker your skin tone, the brighter the colours you should wear and vice versa. You will definitely stand out!

When it comes to possessing the right accessories, keep in mind that versatility of jewelry is the key. You should always have a few go-to pieces which can gel perfectly well with several of your outfits. These can be the everlasting pearl or hooped earrings, a tennis bracelet, a black cross body bag and even red lipstick. You can never go wrong with them and feel confident!

For our desi fashionistas, if you discovered a plain white or black shalwar kameez suit and you think it’s too plain to wear it anywhere fancy. Think again! You can always wear it with a colourful scarf (or an aimless no-suit dupatta). Those who want to ditch the duppatta; you can go for layered necklaces or bracelets and pair it with a statement bold coloured tote bag. You are all set for a high impact look.

So when we say “accessorizing is the best way to be fashionable,” we don’t just say it, we mean it! It is an art that is extremely inexpensive and you can learn through a few tips and experiments. So go visit accessories brands like Zeen Woman and Tesoro, and get that fashionable look, keeping in mind these few tips.

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