Aplic Work is a pure handmade embroidery that is stitched with the help of small patches of contract clothes. You can find these types of hand made embroidery in Sindh and Balochistan. As it's handmade work and very hard work that's why it's a costly item.  

Best Collection of Aplic Work Bed Sheets

In Sindh, normally girls love to wear applic/aplic work hand made dresses/ shawls/ Cushion/Sofa Covers/ Dining table Runners / Kids Bed Sheets and many more. Here we are going to share some best collections of Aplic work of Hands Made Beddings which are made with beautiful floral and Geometrical work most beautiful color combination made these collections best for everyone. You can use these types of bedsheets for any traditional event or unique preparation.

25+ Best Designs of Aplic Work

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