As everyone knows winter is a season of fashion because you have a choice to wear. There is a huge variety to wear, you can wear Linen, Khaddar, Viscose, Peach Leather, Marina, Velvet, Jeans, Jacquard and a lot of other fabric you can wear, but it depends on location or temperature of you are living. Here She9 is going to share some most useful fabric which is wearing in Pakistan and India nowadays. But keep in mind you may have to wear an upper/sweater or jacket to protect from cold winter.

What To Wear This Winter

Well, it's the most difficult question for a female "What To Wear"? But here She9 has a solution to it. Here, we are going to share some best fabric collection, you can select to wear this winter and all will be according to current trend or fashion. Here we have also shared some collection from Wareesha Collection for winter 2021. In this collection, you can find out Linen, Peach Leather, Viscose in printed and embroidered dresses. But first of all have a look at, types of fabric you can wear this winter/fall.

Types of Winter Fabrics

  • Linen Fabric
  • Khaddar Fabric
  • Jeans Fabric
  • Velvet Fabric
  • Viscose Fabric
  • Peach Leather Fabric
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Marian Fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen is mostly used for winter in Pakistan, but in the northern area of Pakistan, this fabric is using in summer also. Linen can wear where the temperature is 20-28 Degree Centigrade

Khaddar Fabric

Khaddar is wearing in Pakistan, where the temperature reaches 12 C To 20 C, and normally wear as casual wear, these dresses are available in the market in printed and embroidered fabric.

Jeans Fabric

Normally college girls or women, working in offices are wearing dresses in jeans fabric. Jeans Shirts can wear denim pants or legging.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is again trending for the last two years. Normally, girls are wearing Tilla embroidered dresses as party wear or formal wear. Velvet can be wear in cold winter under 12 to 18 C.

Viscose Fabric

Viscose and Linen are the same types of fabric according to temperature. In other words, you can say that it's an open weather fabric, Normally, From October to Mid-November and March to April month only, you can also say that you can wear this fabric under 20 to 28 C temperature.

Peach Leather Fabric

This fabric is a winter fabric only. These dresses are available in the market in printed and embroidered styles. Only limited brands are making dresses in this fabric, Like Bareeze is making dresses in this fabric. You can wear this fabric under 8 to 14 C Temperature.

Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard is a self-printed fabric for winter parties, you can wear this dressed under 15-20 C temperature.

Maria Fabric

Maria is also a winter fabric, available in printed and embroidered fabric. Only local brands are dealing in this fabric, major brands are not making dresses in this fabric. Because you can wear these dresses in low-temperature weather. Like, you can wear these dresses in 8-14 C Temperature.

Winter Dresses Pictures

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